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The IIS JRI creates synergy between existing teams based in Edinburgh with established international reputations building ‘towers of excellence’ in astronomy and space technology, bio-photonic and bio-electronic systems, high-value manufacturing technologies, miniature-system integration and advanced photonic devices and systems.

IIS staff are internationally-recognised researchers in innovative, low-power VLSI design, novel computational paradigms, advanced silicon device fabrication, optical science and technology, photonics devices and systems (including sensors, lasers and displays), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), micro-machining, laser-based processing and ultrafast/nano-optics.

IIS will exploit existing strategic relationships with local, UK and international academic institutions and industries (generally in the technology sector, from defence and aerospace to pharmaceutical) to establish a world-class JRI supported by a broad funding base from Research Councils, Space Agencies, Industry, Charities and Government.

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