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IIS in the News

This section is for listing published articles relating to the IIS JRI or of potential interest to members of IIS. If you have anything you wish to put here, please email the JRI directors or the webmaster (address at the foot of the page).

November 2009:  Prof Tom Stevenson (Operations Director) contributed to 'Scots Who Made The Modern World: Brains' on Tuesday 3 November,
BBC Two Scotland, 9.00-10.00pm.

February 2009:  The BBC website has an article on research carried out by IIS into low power, micro-scale drug delivery systems.  It can be found here

February 2009:  The BBC news website has an article on research carried out in the IIS JRI. The research was into the development of a technique which allows neurons to grow in fine detailed patterns on the surface of tiny computer chips and which could eventually enable chips to replace damaged nerve or muscle fibres. News article here.

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