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ERPem posters


Create the poster using Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Create the poster in A1 size format (59.46cm x 84.09cm, 23.41" x 33.11").

Create the poster in portrait (not landscape) orientation.

Do not use a coloured background - use plain white.

Do not use a background image (such as a large 'watermark-style' university crest image).

The poster will be reduced to A4 size format for printing in a booklet, so check that text and images on the poster are still legible at this size. Text should really be no smaller than 24pt on A1 size format.

Use the supplied ERPem poster template (below). You can customise the template to your requirements, but try to stay with the basic ERPem layout and design.

You can add your own logos to the template, but they should be high-definition, uncompressed graphic image files, not JPEG, PNG or GIF format. TIFF is a good format for posters. You should also follow any corporate identity guidelines from the institution that the logo represents (for instance the University of Edinburgh guidelines can be seen here).

SIP, Energy, IIS and CEE JRI logos suitable for use in posters can be found at the foot of the page here. ECOSSE JRI logos can be found here (authentication required).

Microsoft PowerPoint template file with ERPem logo:


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