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ECOSSE People - Academic Staff

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* - New ERPem-funded staff

University of Edinburgh (UoE)

Dr. Ian Butler* Experimental GeoScience
Dr. Patience Cowie Structural Geology
Prof. Andrew Curtis* Exploration Seismology Deputy Director of ECOSSE
Dr. Stephen Elphick Experimental Geoscience
Prof. Godfrey Fitton Igneous Petrology
Prof. Colin Graham Experimental Geochemistry
Prof. Simon Harley Lower Crustal Processes
Prof. Stuart Haszeldine Sedimentary Geology
Dr. Roger Hipkin Earth's Gravity
Dr. Stephan Klemme Experimental Geochemistry
Prof. Dik Kroon Regius Chair in Geology
Prof Xiang-Yang Li Multicomponent Seismology (50%)
Prof. Ian Main Seismology & Rock Physics
Dr. Chris McDermott* Reactive Flow Geochemistry
Dr. Bryne Ngwenya Aqueous Geochemistry
Prof. Alastair Robertson Geodynamics and Earth History
Prof. Martin Siegert Glacier Geophysics Head of School
Dr. Hugh Sinclair Thermochronology & Sedimentology
Dr. Thor Thordarson Volcanology
Prof. John Underhill Seismic & Sequence Stratigraphy
Prof. Kathy Whaler Geophysics
Dr. Wyn Williams Rock Magnetism
Dr. Rachel Wood* Carbonate Processes

Heriot-Watt University (HWU)

Prof. Mike Christie Reservoir Engineering
Prof. Patrick Corbett Petroleum Engineering Head of Institute
Dr. Gary Couples Rock Deformation
Dr. David Davies Production Technology
Prof. John Ford Drilling
Dr. Andy Gardiner Reservoir Modelling
Prof. Sebastian Geiger* Carbonate Reservoir Simulation
Dr. Helen Lever* Petroleum Geoscience
Dr. Helen Lewis Rock Deformation
Prof. Colin Macbeth Reservoir Geophysics
Dr. Eric MacKay Reservoir Engineering
Dr. Ingo Pecher* Gas Hydrates
Dr. David Potter Petrophysics
Prof. Brian Smart Rock Mechanics
Dr. Mehran Sohrabi Reservoir Engineering
Dr. Jim Somerville Rock Mechanics
Prof. Ken Sorbie Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Prof. Dorrik Stow ECOSSE chair in Petroleum GeoScience Director of ECOSSE
Prof. Adrian Todd Reservoir Engineering
Prof. Brahman Tohidi Hydrates
Dr. Rink van Dijke Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Dr. Shi-Yi Zheng Well Testing

The Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC)

Prof. Tony Fallick Isotope Analysis
Dr. Rob Ellam Isotope Geochemistry
Dr. Gus Mackenzie Isotope Geochemistry
Dr. Finlay Stuart Isotope Geochemistry

The British Geological Survey (BGS)

Mike Browne  
Dr Mark Chapman Edinburgh Anisotropy Project
Dr Robert Gatliff Head Marine, Coastal & Hydrocarbons Programme
Ken Hitchen  
Dr Howard Johnson Depute Head, Marine, Coastal & Hydrocarbons Programme
Prof Xiang-Yang Li Multicomponent Seismology (50%)
Dave Milward  
Alison Monaghan  
Derek Ritchie  
Dr Martin Smith Station Head, Murchison House
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