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Exemplar Projects

Railway Infrastructure

CEE pic 17
New detection strategies for mineshafts beneath railways

CEE pic 18
Rail trackbed – integrity & stiffness

CEE pic 19
Void detection

Solutions for real problems: enhanced track stability and innovation in visualisation.

Urban Water

CEE pic 20 CEE pic 21

CEE pic 22 CEE pic 23

CEE pic 24

Flood management; model and data enhancement to better model real world behaviour.

Channel Processes

CEE pic 25 CEE pic 26 CEE pic 27
Experimental facilities used for sediment transport studies

CEE pic 28 CEE pic 29
Flow turbulence affects sediment transport

CEE pic 30 CEE pic 31
Underestimation of river dynamics can lead to erroneous planning & design decisions

CEE pic 32
Modified threshold diagram for prediction of incipient motion of sediment

Sediment transport; predicting river stability in a changing climate.

Structural Design (Dynamic Loading)

CEE pic 33 CEE pic 34 CEE pic 35

Design of infrastructure elements under extreme dynamic load conditions.

High Performance Structural Timber

CEE pic 36
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The growth, characterisation, extraction, and utilisation of high strength, crystalline nano fibres.

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