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Postgraduate School


The aim of the ERPem Postgraduate School is twofold – to create an outstanding international centre for advanced postgraduate education in engineering/applied sciences and mathematics and to provide a broad-based collaborative framework within which to embed the JRIs.

Each of the institutions has independently developed a high quality environment for postgraduate education for both PhD research students and for students following taught Masters level programmes. The principal aim now is to increase the scale, while maintaining and enhancing the quality of postgraduate educational opportunities within the city, combining the activities of the universities in the topic areas linked to the JRIs under the banner of the ERPem Postgraduate School.

Organised to make optimal use of the wide-ranging knowledge and expertise base of academics in the institutions, it will utilise advanced broadband video and related technologies to enable the most efficient use of staff time. Pooling of contributions will overcome critical mass difficulties, thereby providing an enhanced portfolio of course modules for MSc and PhD students together with enhanced training opportunities. Significant additional benefits and opportunities will accrue for both postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers within the JRIs via the ERPem Postgraduate School, proving a clear sense of identity as well as inter-disciplinary linkage opportunities.

The creation of the ERPem Postgraduate School aims to showcase Edinburgh as an international leader and centre for advanced postgraduate education in engineering and mathematics and act as a magnet to attract and retain top-class young researchers from around the world. It will build on our existing strengths and experiences to increase our pool of world-class researchers who are attracted to Edinburgh. This is seen as key to the future of ERPem, since attracting high quality research students and postdoctoral fellows is one of the foremost concerns for top researchers.

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