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Earth’s subsurface provides many of the resources that we require – energy, water, minerals and a storage capacity. It is also the source of major threats, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and rapidly-releasable greenhouse gases and stored contaminants. To tackle these problems requires an integrated and quantitative study of the fundamental scientific processes involved and an understanding of the practical measures that can be undertaken to secure energy supply and mitigate hazards, while at the same time minimising our impact on the planet.


To combine expertise in subsurface Science and Engineering to tackle some of the major challenges facing society in energy, environment and resource management.


To generate new understanding about the physical, chemical, structural, hydraulic, and transport processes operating in the Earth’s subsurface, and to apply the results into practical applications that address societal needs, including resource exploitation, environmental protection, and amelioration of threats arising from natural and man-made processes.

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