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ECOSSE People - Jointly Supervised Students

The list below contains all the students who have supervisors from at least two of the four ECOSSE partners. Five of these are part funded by ERPem (marked with an asterisk).

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Name Start Date
Ciaran Beggan 01/10/05
David F Halliday 01/10/05
Zhongping Qian 01/10/05
Adrian Tuitt 01/10/05
Isabel Varela 01/10/05
Adam Wilson 01/10/05
Peter Cox* 01/09/06
Heather Nicolson 01/09/06
Matteo Lupi* 31/10/06
Anish Varghese 01/01/07
Sarah Touati 02/07/07
Romain Guilbaud* 01/09/07
Marta Swierczek* 09/09/07
Suzannah Toulmin* 09/09/07
Martin Ekanem 01/10/07
Hamdi Hamidreza 01/10/07
Grant Nicoll 01/10/07
Antoine Tambue 01/10/07
Niklas Heinemann 01/04/08
Claudia Fricke 01/05/08
Karen Schmid 01/05/08
Yan Zaretskiy 01/08/08
Rachel Jamieson 01/09/08
Yungui Xu 01/10/08
Robert Annewandter 01/06/09
Jen Roberts 01/01/09
Adnan Al-Dhahli 12/10/09
Rachel Brackenridge 01/03/10


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