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The ERPem e-Classroom eclassroom pic 11 large

A new 'e-classroom' has been developed for the use of the engineering JRIs within ERPem. It is located in teaching room 3 of the Sanderson Building, on the King's Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh.

This teaching facility allows seminars, tutorials and lectures to take place with remote sites using a videoconferencing link. Audio and video can be sent and received and viewed interactively on several large screens, as well as computer screen output (allowing the display of presentations using applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, and the use of a stylus to make graphical additions to the presentation), DVD output and paper documents (via a camera visualiser).

The e-classroom can also be used without a remote link, and the microphones and cameras used locally to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

To use the e-classroom several things need to be done in advance:

You can download a user guide for the e-classroom here (you will need Adobe Acrobat to view this PDF file).

Training sessions for using the e-classroom are planned - contact Laura Darling ( for details.

The e-classroom was used for the first time for a SIP JRI seminar on Wednesday 30th January 2008. Here are some images of the seminar:

eclassroom pic 9
eclassrom pic 10
eclassroom pic 12
eclassroom pic 13

Some images of the facilities available in the e-classroom:

eclassroom pic 1
eclassrom pic 2
eclassroom pic 3
eclassroom pic 4
eclassroom pic 5
eclassroom pic 6
eclassroom pic 7
eclassroom pic 8

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