The Engineering ERPem e-Classroom - How to Use the Room

Before using the facility, make sure you have booked the room and the videoconference.

  • Read the online User Guides (see links below; laminated copies are also in the room)

  • Try Local Presentation mode first.  Many of the touch screen control principles are the same: controlling the lights, audio, and displaying presentation material from the PC, laptop, visualiser, VCR and  DVD.

  • If the link is with a non-registered remote site you haven’t connected with before consider doing a quick test conference with them a few days before the main event to ensure there will be no connectivity problems.

  • Speak to someone in your Institute who has used the facility – and see the Contacts For Problems section

User Guides for the equipment can be found here:

A training session was held on 14 October 2008 and the slides from this training can be found here:

Training Slides October 08 (Microsoft Powerpoint)



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