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ERPem website - tips for working with the Content Management System (CMS)

Adding pages

1. Login to the CMS using the username and password fields in the lefthand menu.

2. Click on 'Create Content' in the lefthand menu.

3. Select the 'Page' option in the menu that appears in the main website area.

4. Type a title for the page in the 'Title:' field. This is mandatory but can be anything you want and should be descriptive of the content of the page.

5. Add content to the 'Body:' editor:

You can do this in several ways:

  • Type content directly into the box below the toolbar, and use the toolbar options in much the same way as when creating a Microsoft Word document.
  • Copy and paste material directly from an existing web page into the editor. You will need to do a paste in a pop-up window using the Ctrl and V keyboard characters.
  • Copy and paste HTML from an existing web page. You will need to select the 'Switch to plain text editor' option below the editor window to do this. You can't supply anything that normally goes between the HTML <head> tags.

6. Set the editing permissions for the page by clicking on the 'View/Edit Permissions' option below the 'Body' editor. By default, everyone can view the page, and ERPem administrative staff can edit it. If you wish to allow logged-in members of your particular Joint Research Institute to edit the page, check the relevant checkbox.

7. Supply a URL for the page by clicking on the 'URL path settings' option below the 'Body' editor and typing the URL in the box that appears. This is a very important step as this is how your page will be identified on the web by browsers and by other web pages. What you type in here will appear after the URL of the ERPem website i.e. if you type 'testpage.html' then your page URL will be

You can also group your pages logically (e.g. if your pages are for a Joint Research Institute) on the ERPem website by including a prefix followed by a forward slash in front of all your page URLs, i.e. type 'group/testpage.html' to get a URL of the form It is not necessary to give your pages the '.html' suffix, but does help with managing different types of content on the website. Grouping your pages together like this using one of the existing JRI prefixes (sip, cee, ecosse, energy, iis, maxwell) will also give them the same lefthand navigation menu that is specific to that JRI.

8. Press the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

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