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Ingo Pecher

Past funded research projects

GNS Science:

2005-2008 How do Gas Hydrates Weaken the Seafloor, Causing Submarine Slides and Tsunamis? Ingo Pecher, Susan Ellis (GNS), Steve Chiswell, Helen Neil (NIWA), Andrew Gorman (U. Otago), Nina Kukowski (GFZ Potsdam). Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund
2003-2004 Marine Geophysical Exploration, internal Non-Specific Output Fund
2002-2006 Characterization of New Zealand’s Gas Hydrates, New Zealand Foundation of Research, Science, and Technology

University of Texas:

2001-2003 Collaborative Research: Seismic Characterization of a Gas Hydrate System in the Gulf of Mexico-A Novel Approach to Evaluate High-Resolution Wide-Angle Data. Colin Zelt (Rice U.), Ingo Pecher (U. Texas), NSF
2000-2004 Collaborative Research: Shear Wave Studies of Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin, During Planned ODP Leg 198. Ingo Pecher, Nathan Bangs (U. Texas), Anne Tréhu (OSU), NSF (handed over to Nathan Bangs and Mrinal Sen in 2002)
2000-2003 Three-Dimensional Structure and Physical Properties of a Methane Hydrate Deposit and Methane Gas Reservoir, Blake Ridge. Subcontract from W. Steven Holbrook (U. Wyoming) to Ingo Pecher (U. Texas), NSF and DoE
1999-2002 Collaborative Research: The Effect of Gas Hydrates on Seismic Properties of Sediments and the Relation between the Occurrence of Bottom Simulating Reflectors and Vertical Tectonics: A Proposed Study on the Peruvian Margin. Ingo Pecher (U. Texas), Peter Clift (WHOI); Carolyn Ruppel (Georgia Tech), NSF

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